TF/trade shoot guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read this page regarding TF/trade photo shoots.

*Model Mayhem has just recently deemed it a good idea that after 30 days of "message benefits etc." expire, a basic free account holder cannot message another party without first adding them as a friend/contact. You may FR me and if you are not desirous of a large friend list, delete me afterwards if wanted. No offense taken. I prefer to communicate through their message system, but if you cannot get ahold of me, you may email me at: fifi_kiwied@yahoo dot ca*

Like you, I do not work for free. A trade shoot should be beneficial for all parties.
A shoot may last for 2 hours but I will spend the following 7-14 days (approx.) retouching images.
Due to the long hours involved and a full portfolio, trade work is very selective.
I seek that which makes those hours worthwhile.
You may have received from me a request to shoot. If so, it is because I like your look and would enjoy photographing you. A request to shoot is not open ended; although, should months pass and I can make a shoot happen, I certainly will consider it.
I strongly prefer to work with those who value and use the credit system supplied on the Model Mayhem site as I really have no interest in seeing my hard work go into portfolios uncredited.

At the time of this writing, my main interests are artistic character portraits.
If you shoot with me, you can fully expect that I will want to create one or more of these.
In return, I will shoot content that you need (such as fashion). Bear in mind that even though I do not consider myself a fashion photographer, I will, to the best of my ability, work to get for you the results that you want.

What I seek:
1. Photogenic, enthusiastic but serious female models with good range.
I love expressive faces, freckles, feminine portraiture, ginger hair, very short hair, very long centre parted hair, dreamy imagery, stark and surreal imagery, second hand-Rose style, sleek and close to the body fashion, billowy dresses, hats and more hats, 1890's-1970's with a real fondness for 20's/30's, and good height if shooting fashion (5'8"-5'11").
Posting your measurements goes a long way in helping me decide wardrobe for our shoot. Should you prefer not to post your measurements, please forward the info to me in a message.
I do not photograph male models on trade at this time.

2. Models who fit my wardrobe, which may from time to time include my handmade clothing.
I can consider your wardrobe but I am very picky as wardrobe selection can make or break an image.
Want to use something from your own closet? I can consider it, but please, no athletic wear, gawdy grad/prom dresses, mass produced and/or tacky costumes. I love kitsch but am not big on tacky, and can generally spot the difference. Lol.
If you have a beautiful garment but it is wrinkled, I have a steamer here at my home.

3. The use of personal jewelry must be discussed beforehand. Please do not attempt to use my photography to make personal/political statements unless we have spoken thoroughly about it and reached an agreement.

4. No hairbands on the wrist. No. No. No.

5. Well kept nails. No chipped nail polish. I am now done fixing chipped nail polish in post.
I prefer natural nails or nails painted in a light colour. Black is very popular, I know, but it does not suit all imagery. Please bear this in mind.

6. Clean hair and an up-to-date hair description.
Do you have noticeable regrowth or a new colour not shown in your portfolio?
Please state so upfront.

7. Tattoos: Sometimes. I don't rule it out.
Reasons: I'm not too keen on making another artist's work the focal point of my artistry. I also do not shoot to document a person's own style. I seek to shoot models that can move fluidly from one genre to the next wherever possible. If you are sporting script, I must know exactly what it says or means before it will ever be displayed in my work. No way around this; this is firm.

8. Makeup and hair: I have found the best way for me to work is to shoot with models who handle their own hair and makeup needs, although I am open to working with fine hair or make-up artists.
All hair and makeup, whether done by the model or an MUA must be discussed with me. As the photographer, I may have image responsibilities to other artists that do not involve the model. Please do not promise your MUA anything regarding images. That is up to me and there is a usage license issued by me to him/her as there is by me to the model. Clear communication is the way to go.

9. I will consider working with modelographers on a case-by-case basis and at my own discretion. I hold this policy due to having, on several occasions, encountered modelographers attempting to convince me to release unretouched images after the fact.

10. I like moody themes but I do not shoot horror, gore etc. Unsure? Please ask.

No show and no call? No second opportunity likely.

Need to cancel?
It happens. Please do let me know as soon as possible. I do not hold wardrobe, theme or location; I will shoot with them at the first opportunity with the next model who fits the bill.
If you seek to reschedule and I cannot do so right away, it pretty much boils down to these two things: the weather (or my health) is not currently good - OR - I have shot the concept/wardrobe I originally had in mind for you. I do not scramble to "come up with something" just because someone may have become available, as I put considerable thought and prep into my shoots - as well as $$$.
I may still wish to shoot with you, sure, but am always mindful of the finished product. Always.

Web sized files of my careful choosing are sent by email.
No unretouched or RAW files are released.
Note: TF/trade shooting does not include full resolution files.
I can discuss high resolution files and/or prints for your agency book should that need arise.
I am as generous as I can reasonably be with the amount of images I release from a photo shoot
but I will not release what I consider to be an inferior image.

I am the sole and exclusive legal copyright holder of my photographic work.
Images are retouched by myself alone.
Do not alter my work in any way, shape or form or forward to a retoucher.
No collaging, and please, no Instagram or Facebook filters. Nothing, zip, zilch.
My work is not to be sold without my permission.

Although not publicly displayed, I keep a very small "do not recommend" list and make it available to photographers who ask. I dislike adding to this list, however, at times I must.
I take very seriously the actions of those who do not take my legal copyright seriously.
Believe me when I say this.
If any of this troubles you:
1. You may be new to modeling and are as yet unaware of the law or think it to be of no big deal.
I am here to help you and to answer any questions you may have.
2. You are seeking a button pusher because you do not own a tripod, and/or have exhausted the patience of your friends. Should this be the case, I am not the photographer for you.

This page was updated on March 11th, 2017

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